Hi, my name's Matt D'Avella and I'm a filmmaker. I graduated college in 2010 with $97,000 in student loan debt. I then did the smartest thing I could think of at the time:  I bought a brand new car.

Back then I was living in my parent's basement in New Jersey while trying to make it as a professional filmmaker. At my lowest point I had $13 in the bank. Then I plugged my finances into a net-worth calculator online and realized I actually had negative money.

I wasn't happy with where my life was going, so over the next couple years I became obsessed with turning things around. I read self-help books & listened to every cheesy Tony Robin's audio tape I could find. I discovered minimalism, redefined my idea of success, grew my business and within five years I paid off every last loan. Even the car.

Still I wanted to push myself further. So in 2014 I set out to direct my first feature-length documentary Minimalism. It was successful beyond my wildest dreams, trending on Netflix and reaching the top 10 documentaries on iTunesIt didn't happen without massive sacrifice, early mornings, long nights & mentors to help get me through it. Now I'm passionate about helping creatives like you get unstuck.

Trying to build something meaningful from the ground up can be incredibly daunting, especially when you're doing it alone. I want to help you pursue your passions, create meaningful content & make an impact. I love hearing from you. Say hello at one of the accounts below...